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Gallery layout problems fixed Thu Aug 27 2009 23:55:27
There was a serious problem with the layouts on some members gallery pages. Some galleries were a bit all over the place for a while. Sorry about this, but it should all be resolved now.

Page Control resave button issue Thu Aug 20 2009 10:42:14
It was brought to our attention that the Page Control page 'resave' button was not working in some circumstances. This has now been resolved. Sorry if this caused any hassle.

Improved Optimisation Fri Jun 26 2009 11:41:52
I have made various changes to the page structures around the system to improve optimisation and visibility of page content to search engines. Hopefully this will start to take effect within the next few weeks. Page titles were already ranking well, but some issues had meant that page content was being ignored.

New website style Tue Jun 2 2009 23:36:52
Specialist Page has a fantastic and much improved front end design. Many improvements go alongside this major overhaul of the website layout. We hope you like it.

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