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New Spaw Editor Fri Jan 23 2009 0:35:43
I have added a much better page editor. It's called SPAW (not by me) and can be accessed from your improved edit pages. If you have created pages with the old Hoteditor, you will not be able to use it. You can use it so start new pages or remake existing pages. One of the main improvements is direct access to your library and ability to upload and manage images files from within the editor. It also has an improved interface for general layout and page styling. I hope you find it useful.

New Look Pages Mon Jan 19 2009 1:39:04   
I have upgraded the default page style, to clean it up and to hide the specialist page options. You can now click on the icon top left to access all the main options. Pages should all be looking much smarter now and more like a personal website. More schemes and page designs coming soon. I have also added a couple of new style options like background transparency.

rss/blog mashup Sat Oct 11 2008 20:43:33
I have just added a really useful and hopefully easy to use function that allows import of entries from an external rss feed or blogger/blogspot blog to your Specialist Page news content. It's now really easy to keep your blog admin in one place.

Galleries Thu Oct 9 2008 17:15:58   
I have upgraded the galleries. There are a few improvements, but among them are: Dark mode synchronisation with styles settings for pages with dark backgrounds. New buttons allow prev / next picture options and a 'cleaned up' style.

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