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Pathway web links Mon Feb 2 2009 15:32:22
You can now add web links as outbound pathways from you pages. I've been meaning to add this for ages, finally got round to it. From the network drop down, choose 'Pathway Admin' and you can add URL links there.

Various little changes Mon Feb 2 2009 15:30:17
Too subtle to bother mentioning them all, but various fixes and new features across the site. Notable changes include a useful facility to view all library images when adding/ modifying pictures within the new gallery system. You can log out when viewing any specialist pages now.

20 Picture Galleries Mon Jan 26 2009 16:33:34
There is a new 20 image gallery option. This has greatly improved admin and uses a lightbox style system. It is the new default gallery. The amount of library images has gone up to 100.

New Spaw Editor Fri Jan 23 2009 0:35:43
I have added a much better page editor. It's called SPAW (not by me) and can be accessed from your improved edit pages. If you have created pages with the old Hoteditor, you will not be able to use it. You can use it so start new pages or remake existing pages. One of the main improvements is direct access to your library and ability to upload and manage images files from within the editor. It also has an improved interface for general layout and page styling. I hope you find it useful.

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