Specialist Account Basic Features
»Up to 8 pages
»Up to 8 galleries (8 images per gallery page)
»Up to 200 news entries. Viewable via your pages with extra content. Automatic RSS feed generation.
»Your own library with up to 80 images, 8 audio files and 8 documents which can be added to your pages, news and galleries.
»Simple to use, yet powerful page style controls.
»Password protect your pages
»Easily integrate content from other sites (eg Import Blogspot entries, generate flickr galleries on your pages).
»Your own FAQ page with speaking avatar. Add unlimited questions and answers relating to your field which are viewable via your account and also add to the Specialist Knowledge Pool, which is searchable via Specialist Home.
»Powerful 'Pathway' system which allows links and connections between all Specialist accounts. Add page paths from any specialist page to link your pages and select Specialist Paths to get quick access to other specialists latest info.
»Specialist keyword system which quickly associates your account within your field. Your keywords tailor your user experience and give you easy access to related information and allow others to easily find you.
»Automatically created powerful information portals relating to your 2 minor keywords.
»Automatic search engine listing of your content.

All content is editable and easily managed at any time via your account.

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:: Specialist Pro accounts available soon ::
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