Specialist page news feed for specialisthttp://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/feed.phpThe latest news from the specialist Specialist PageQuiet Timeshttp://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?s=1We are sorry that it has been a quiet time from us at Specialist Page. We will continue to respond to all questions and help requests. In the meantime, we are starting to conceive a fantastic update to Specialist Page. More about this in the future. In the meantime, please enjoy your free websites.http://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?id=258Happy Xmas and New Yearhttp://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?s=2Happy Xmas to one and all and a very happy, healthy new year. I am planning a whole host of new changes to next year. I'll keep you posted. Happy holiday from Specialist Pagehttp://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?id=243Page builder systemhttp://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?s=3I have started work on a completely new and improved edit system for Specialist Page. It will make it massively easier to develop your pages and galleries etc. Not sure yet how long it will take to complete, but I'll keep you posted.http://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?id=233Tag Cloudhttp://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?s=4I have added a 'tag cloud' on the Specialist Homepage. This displays all major keywords entered by members and links to the chat and find facility. This is a nice visual way of engaging with the content on Specialist Page. Hope you like it.http://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?id=232Hand drawn Mazeshttp://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?s=5Our member account mazes has had some pictures picked up and used in a collection of the worlds most complex hand drawn mazes. http://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?id=231Gallery layout problems fixedhttp://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?s=6There was a serious problem with the layouts on some members gallery pages. Some galleries were a bit all over the place for a while. Sorry about this, but it should all be resolved now.http://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?id=220Page Control resave button issuehttp://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?s=7It was brought to our attention that the Page Control page 'resave' button was not working in some circumstances. This has now been resolved. Sorry if this caused any hassle.http://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?id=213Improved Optimisationhttp://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?s=8I have made various changes to the page structures around the system to improve optimisation and visibility of page content to search engines. Hopefully this will start to take effect within the next few weeks. Page titles were already ranking well, but some issues had meant that page content was being ignored.http://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?id=206New website stylehttp://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?s=9Specialist Page has a fantastic and much improved front end design. Many improvements go alongside this major overhaul of the website layout. We hope you like it.http://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?id=202Automatic Schemeshttp://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?s=10You'll love these! You can choose from 9 automatic styles for your pages. They are really slick and mean it is super quick and easy to make your pages look ace. Choose the schemes from your 'Style Control' page. They will overide all the other manual setting. I will add more schemes in due course.http://www.specialistpage.com/specialist/news.php?id=189