Solar power project
These specialist pages explain about how to set up a small solar panel system for your home or holiday home.

I will look at each bit of kit that you need and discuss what I have learned along the way.

My own system is a 60w setup, which gives me enough power each day run my laptop, some lights, most of my devices, (ipod, mobile phone, nintendo DS etc) and my music amplifier for a period depending on how much I have left. I live in a flat, with no south facing windows and no garden, so I am limited to a small space near the fire escape.

The same principles described here, would allow for a system of up to about 1.5 kw, above that, I would recommend speaking to a professional electrician about your requirements. Since all solar panels output low voltages, which in combination usually provide either 12v or 24v output, the corresponding ampages can be very high and can be dangerous. Mains electricity has higher voltages (100v - 240v depending where you live), so the ampages are lower for the same amount of current (power).

The most cost effective way to run a solar power system is using a grid tie system where you sell your electricty to the grid. Grid tie systems are beyond the scope of this article, I am simply focusing on off grid battery based setups.

The main items you will need (click for more info)

Solar Panels
Charge Controllers

Click here for a list of benefits of using solar power systems >>>

Click here for a list of limitations of solar power systems >>>
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