The amateurs guide to small home based solar power systems.

The following pages contain information about buying and setting up your own solar power system.

Anybody can setup solar panels. For me it all started when I was given one for Christmas.

My first thought was 'wow that's amazing, what can I power with it'. I very quickly realised however, that I couldn't really do anything with it as it was. It had a connection for a car battery and a cigarette lighter socket, but I don't have a car. It also had a small selection of dc type fittings, but I couldn't find one device amongst all my phone, ipod, computer, speakers, nintendo ds and so on, that it actually fitted.

6 months later, I now have a useful solar power system which I am growing all the time. These specialist pages are all about how I got it to work and what is required to get a small solar panel system to work for you.

I have bare minimum electronic or DIY skills, so this is something anybody can do, it just needs a little bit of learning about the equipment required.

If you fancy a new hobby, would like to save a few quid over time or are interested in saving some tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, then read the following pages as a beginners guide to solar power.

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My first panel. A 6.5 watt Brunton foldable travel panel.

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